Sarah Lenger

I received my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design from Iowa State University. In 2005, I started working at the University of Iowa in the Student Life Marketing & Design, a student-powered on-campus agency, where I directed student design interns in the creation of campus marketing communication.

In 2010, my brother, an OIF and OEF veteran, self-deployed to Haiti to provide humanitarian aid following the devastating earthquake. He returned from Haiti and decided to start Team Rubicon, a non-profit organization that utilizes the skills of military veterans to deploy to natural disasters around the globe. He asked me create a logo for him so that he could start to recruit volunteers and begin fundraising. What started as an original 8 volunteers that met in Haiti and a quick, pro-bono logo, has turned into a world-wide organization of 90,000+ volunteers and 100+ full-time employees.

In addition to my work with Team Rubicon and the University of Iowa, I have designed exclusive stationery collections for Shutterfly and Minted, including Christmas cards, invitations, notecards, customizable calendars, and photo books.





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